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24. Internationaler Johannes-Brahms-Wettbewerb 2017 Poertschach Austria

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  §1 Organizer
  §2 Venue, Time
  §3 Registration
  §4 Entry
  §5a Piano
  §5b Violin
  §5c Viola
  §5d Cello
  §5e Voice
  §5f Chamber m.
  §6 Assessment
  §7 Miscellaneous

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Please note: These are the 2017 competition rules and regulations. We are currently working on the 2018 regulations, which will be published shortly. Thank you for your understanding!

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5f Chamber Music

The division chamber music is not included in the 2017 competition, but will be part again of the competition in 2018. If a registration has been paid in 2016, but the contestant did not participate in the contest, the registration fee for 2018 will be reduced by EUR 30.

For your reference, please find below the piano repertoire of 2016. Please note that the programme for 2018 might undergo slight changes!

A) First Round:

  1. One movement of the work by Johannes Brahms
  2. A contemporary piece (from the second half of the 20th century or after) of maximum 4-5 minutes duration of your own choice (can also be part of a larger work)
  3. A musical work (or parts thereof) of a composer of your choice. Please note:: no additions or completions to point 1 or 2 above.

Duration: max. 25 minutes.

B) Second Round:

A representative work of the Viennese Classical period (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven), but also Schubert, Hummel, Weber or Boccharini, provided the Viennese Classical School offers no corresponding works.

Duration: max. 30 minutes.

C) Final:

A programme of maximum 45 minutes length (must include one complete work by J. Brahms).


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